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Synaxon UK will add strength & depth to your business through unique services & support tools.

Synaxon Conference

Synaxon UK National conference is our members, distributors and vendors opportunity to network and understand how we can enhance relationships to improve your business.

Award Winning...

Synaxon UK have officially been awarded the Channel Service Company of the Year 2011 by CRN. If you want to find out why and how we've won this award, have a look at the comprehensive service packages that we offer.

Why Join?

As part of Synaxon you can benefit from being part of Europe’s largest grouping of independent IT dealers. As a result we are able to negotiate and bring you exclusive deals for our members utilising our ever increasing economies of scale.

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Targeted Marketing

Are you looking for a more targeted approach to your marketing? We have detailed profile information about all of our dealers enabling us to help you select the prospects that you want to communicate with effectivly.

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About Synaxon UK

Synaxon is the UK’s leading channel services dealer group. We help IT resellers and office products resellers buy better, sell more and reduce costs. We work with our members and with vendor and distributor partners to open up new routes to market, streamline purchasing processes and drive effective sales and marketing activity for the whole channel. In doing so, we help all our members and supplier partners to do more business and protect their margins.

We provide a wide range of tools and services that enable our partners to expand their horizons, operate their business more efficiently and make more profit. Our online EGIS platform enables our members to find and take advantage of the best deals available; our iTrends marketing programme enables resellers to actively take products to market and sell more; our Clic2IT portal enables them to take advantage of multiple distributor feeds to support e-commerce.

Through these and a number of other resources and services, Synaxon UK helps the channel to work together more effectively and to continue its growth and development.

As part of Europe’s largest independent channel services organisation, Synaxon UK is a stable and committed partner for UK channel companies. As we continue to grow, increasing our membership, working with more supplier partners, and adding new services, Synaxon will become an even stronger and more positive force in the UK channel.

Synaxon UK – the facts

  • Established in UK January 2009
  • 48 supplier partners in the UK
  • 600 UK reseller and dealer partners
  • Total combined external revenues of UK members circa £700m
  • Part of Europe’s largest independent channel services dealer group
  • Close to 3000 partners in Germany generate around €3 billion of gross ex

Synaxon UK - Supporting the IT Channel from End to End

Welcome to Synaxon UK. Thanks for contacting us. If you want to speak to us on the phone you can call us on 0844 481 5844
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